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World-Class Logistics Solutions

At King of Freight we pride ourselves on being a full service brokerage and logistics firm. As one of the top freight brokerages in the United States, we ensure the drivers in our vetting system have all the proper qualifications to handle your freight. The very second your shipment is scheduled to begin loading, our team of dispatchers is monitoring it and ensuring everything is moving along as scheduled.

Logistics is a critical and complex aspect of any major business and with it comes inherent risks and costs. We strive to minimize these risks, while reducing shipping costs, in order to increase our clients' profitability and efficiency.

Our Shipping Process

Why We Are Different

King of Freight has a reputation for being the best. With our top-notch carriers, service, technology and always competitive pricing, it's easy to see why King of Freight has become a leader in the transportation industry!

King of Freight operates solely as a third party freight brokerage.

We provide timely updates for our customers in whatever manner they prefer to receive them. Want an email every hour? You got it! Would you rather get a phone call instead? Say no more! You can also track every shipment you’ve ever done with us through our website. We customize the way we operate around your company to make shipping with us hassle free. Upon delivery, our billing department will track down any necessary paperwork and get it to you right away. Prefer paperless billing? Not a problem!

Save Money

We work with a large network of transportation service providers and will collaborate with you to ensure your shipments are delivered in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Take Control

All customers have a username and password where they can log on and print off any paperwork related to their shipments, as well as track shipments currently in transit. Our website really is your one stop shop for everything freight! Give it a try!

Flexible & Аdaptable

From scheduling loads weeks in advance, to finding a vetted carrier for a shipment moving in a few hours, we work around your schedule to make sure your business does not slow down.

Experience Great Service

Our friendly and professional staff is dedicated to helping your business succeed! From personal billing preferences, to customized dispatch alerts, King of Freight adapts to how our clients operate. Tell us what works for you.

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